Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mid-Week Words

Journal, entry dated 2/5/14-

The only way to prove it is with progress and success.
Honor the mistake as much as the victory. Take time when needed, but don't waste it when it is not.
One word and one swing of the hammer at a time.

from the Sigil of Azazel-
Eve was stubborn to the point of foolishness, and cunning to the point of something which most would regard as slightly less than human, though as Azazel exhaled the smoke from his tired lungs, he wondered if that trait was learned over time. He was crushing the still burning end of his cigarette between this thumb and forefinger at the thought of it, the flesh of his finger tips turning black and sizzling while it extinguished.

David may have been doubtful, and Phenex may have been hesitant, but Azazel was not. From the moment she surprised him with an elbow to the ribs and took off like a hell hound after a fresh death, he knew that Eve Spellmeyer was the single most infuriating and terrifying human being he had ever met.


  1. shgfjshdgf Azazel & Eve feels.
    Infuriatingly /sexy/ & /wonderful/ you mean, Azazel.

    1. It will never cease to amuse me that the healthiest romance I've ever written involves demons xD
      This will forever be the funniest thing to me.


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