The Lady In Question

My name is Suzanne, and ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated by fairly creepy things. From the specters that seemed to go bump in the night at my childhood home in Southern Texas, to the stories by Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe that I always received the strangest looks from local libraries upon checking out around 9 years old, the strange and terrifying, the unknown, has always been a deep source of wonder and delight to me. 
Today I am a lady of 23 years living in a beautiful town of creepy and bewitching places and people, where I work from home primarily as a professional tech writer, and also as the owner, designer, madwoman of Eerie Enchantments, my Etsy store for bewitching jewelry that fits into your wardrobe, as well as your magickal practice.
I don't write about work much, because its not that exciting, but I am grateful to work at a job that utilizes my BA, and where I actually get to do what I'm best at- writing! My true love though is fiction, the kind that leaves you screaming, laughing, and craving for more. I have something around 48 books planned out in four different series, and am determined to see them published. Fortunately, I am stubborn and determined enough to actually make this happen one day in the near future. 
I love finding magick in all things, the simple pleasures of great coffee and a crackling fire, the hilarious antics that is my cat Tuscany, working with my own two hands, the glorious joy and exquisite pleasure that comes in creating, listening and making music in many many forms, and of course words, words words. My blog is essentially an interesting meld of all of these things, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. 

Light and love always,
your friendly neighborhood Creep

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