Monday, February 17, 2014

House Guests and Hammering

Sorry this space has been so quiet my darlings, I assure you that the blog is a bit slow because everything else in my life right now is anything but.

I am just days away from releasing the new shop line, I've increased my reps to almost double in under two months without my workout routine, and I've been running around like a madwoman trying to find time for my loved ones, like the amazing Manda Marie who came over to visit for a few days. She was kind enough to take all of these photos with her wonderful camera while I attempted to write articles.


And sort of joined a gang...
The top brass says Las Lobas and the bottom copper says Honor
Every photo in those rows was found on tumblr :3
On this wall you can find ska music posters, and now an alto sax fingering chart, as I've taken up playing it again
my lovely altar with its latest additions: the Strength card from my last reading and a reiki-charged Gratitude candle

Shells and reef fossils from my trip to the Keys last summer, with blue obsidian and my bottle of holy water

Lets play I Spy, find the Mace in this photo


Thats it! I will try to have my usual words for you all on Wednesday, and I should really start posting music on the regular, seeing as I have and listen to SO MUCH OF IT, and its a pretty constant force in my life. Check out my 8tracks widget to see what I've been mixing up lately, otherwise keep your eyes peeled for more words, tunes, and magick <3


  1. I love how these photos turned out, the light in your room is great for photography. We'll have to take more selfies next time xD The kitchen shenanigans should have been photographed, hehe.

    1. They came out marvelous, your camera is a peach. These are the best photos of my cat in existence, they're the only ones I have now that actually capture all her crazy colors.
      GODS I WISH! They may have come out super blurry though, what with the skank circle and all xD


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