Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Malachim Mystery Revealed- We Have Set A Date!

I honestly cannot believe how much and how little time has passed. I'm only halfway through the second month of 2014, and yet the little idea I had over one year ago when I was still sleeping on a mattress of the second bedroom going through my break-up, is finally coming to fruition. I am speaking of course, as most of you already know, about the jewelry line for my Etsy store known as Eerie Enchantments called the Malachim Mysteries.

The Malachim Mysteries came to me while pouring over my many books on magick hunting for fresh ideas for the shop. I knew I wanted to make magick accessible, but I wanted to do things differently. I didn't want cute or kitschy, I wanted what I loved, which was something eerie and, well, creepy. Not necessarily dark or gothic per se, but more of that rustic, heathen of olde vibe. Today this theme has been settled into what I call "the gypsy/swamp witch aesthetic". I have seen tons and tons of work with the Futhark runes, but the Malachim script has remained fairly untouched. 

I'm incredibly passionate about my work, and I could go on about it for hours, but in the spirit of keeping this post condensed down to the good bits, I've made this little Q & A. It keeps me for rambling and my thoughts on point.

Why did this take over a year to create?
Time, money, and process. Metal working isn't cheap, and honestly I was terrified it would be beyond me. I also did not know how I wanted to go into it- would I do scratch engraving, work with a corrosive? It took half of the year just to decide that stamping was the way to go. From there it was about saving up, and managing my time so working on this became an everyday occurrence. 

What the heck is the Malachim Script?
The Malachim script is a form of writing published in its original form by Cornelius Agrippa in the 16th century, when alchemy and ceremonial magic was in full swing. If you notice, it greatly resembles sigils for fallen angels in the Goetic tomes, which was widely used in that same era and is probably not a coincidence. In short- its a magical alphabet most likely used just to keep ones work secret from the prying eyes of the church. 

What is the process you use?
Technically, its called metal stamping, but this feels a bit ill-fitting for what I'm doing. For one- stampers tend to use simple and expensive font-sets for custom engraving work, which is pretty basic and easy. I think I anyone can manage it with the time and budget, depending on what metal base you're working with. In short- you take a metal stamp, line it up where you want it to go, smack it with a hammer, and bang - an impression is made. Then you simply polish, and darken up the impressions with your material of choice. Liver of sulphur is a popular one. What I do uses a total of 4 stamps in total, which I layer and modify by holding at odd angles in order to create the designs. Its a lot more work, requires patience and precision, but in the end it allows me to truly customize my work to make hammering out beautiful Malachim script pieces a reality. After they're finished, every piece gets a moonlight blessing so its ready for use. This entire line was blessed and charged under the light of the Snow Moon. 

What are you planning for the line exactly?
The first line is titled Words Of Reverence, and contains a series of words I believe to be vastly important to daily life, magickal or not. I have plans for other lines with the names of deities, as well as maybe a reverse form that has been requested of me by the darling shop owner of Some Enchanted Evening here in Spencer, MA. Ideas for necklaces and earrings are also in sketch-form, with customized options on all of the above. I want my customers to find the perfect fit that empowers there lives. Do you have a circle name you go by, or a god or goddess you want to feel more connected to? Or do you just want Castiel because Malachim reminds you of Enochian? If they can dream it, and I can fit in on a blank, we can make it happen. 

When can we expect these pieces to be available for purchase?
You can actually find a piece I made just for Some Enchanted Evening in her beautiful magick store right here in Spencer, MA. She carries the best collection of incense and stones and makes gorgeous wire-wrapped jewelry. She also personally knows Dorothy Morrison and is a published author, so if you are in or around Spencer, I highly encourage you pay her shop a visit at 234 Main Street. The full line of the Words of Reverence of the Malachim Mysteries will launch on the next New Moon, which happens to fall on March 1st. Mark your calenders, and keep your eyes open. This journey is only just beginning.  


  1. Eeeee! Everything looks so pretty and I am so excited for it all to go up! You are a talented lady x

    1. Thanks beautiful! I'm really glad that you are as excited for this as I am. I hope my talent only grows as I continue my work, and that my customers are just as appreciative of it as you are <3

  2. Looking good sis. Good luck on the line release. Has NYC called asking for your rights yet? ;)

    1. Thanks brosef! I will need all the luck I can get. And NYC can never have the rights to my line, but they can have the publishing rights to my next novel!


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