Sunday, January 6, 2013

Settling In Spencer

Its been a little over a week since the move and things are finally starting to come together.
It is really lovely here. I think I'm under the spell of Spencer. Its so blissfully quiet, and the high ceilings have wonderful acoustics for singing. And I can hoop in the living room without hitting anything! Tuscany is enjoying running laps, napping wherever the sun hits, and yelling at me from room to room. 

I've gotten a few prospective job nibbles, which I'm hoping to hear good news from once the work week is in full swing again.
The main rooms are almost done, while the study is something of a disaster zone. I've gotten most of the unpacking done otherwise, but the desk is need of repairs so the study will take some time. 

I sort of accidentally blacked my hair. Don't blow-dry Revlon Color Silk Deep Burgundy and then leave it in for two hours. Learn from my mistakes. But it did work in one respect- it is refusing to wash out! It will at least look nice for job interviews for the next month or so.

I hope everyone's enjoying the New Year! My resolution is to live above everyone's influence. And write everyday. 

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