Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Monday: Todd Lewis

I am constantly on the hunt for music that inspires my words, but to do that, everything has to line up. Sigil tunes need to be creepy, melancholy, and just a little heart-wrenching. Threads music is all about the love, in a very disturbing fashion. With the Lillith Purga series, it has to be gritty in sound, dysfunctional or creepy in theme, and a with a decent amount of southern flavor. Todd Lewis, front man of the Toadies and Burden Brothers, delivers exactly that.

I was about 7 years old when I first really began to listen to music, and Toadies' Possum Kingdom was one of the first songs to enchant me on the radio. Of course, I thought it was a love song, all about angels and love, when of course its actually about a series of murders that happened around Possum Kingdom lake in Texas. Ah, the bliss of a child's ignorance.

The Toadies broke up after their first album Rubberneck due to to issues with the record company, who decided their second album, released back in 2006 as Feeler, was just too much for them to get behind. Too dark, too gritty. Todd went on to form Burden Brothers, until one morning his writing was just too "Toadies" for his current project, and so the Toadies are back! I have seen them live twice, and they are phenomenal. One of the best live acts I have seen to date, and I eagerly await their next tour through Boston.

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