Thursday, January 10, 2013

Witchy Wednesdays: Haunted Spencer

It seems no matter where I go, I cannot escape the paranormal. I suppose it comes with the territory being a resident of Massachusetts, one of the oldest gorramn states in this country. Its not even the whole "so rich in history" to me, as just the simple fact that people have lived here for a very long freaking time and so there a lot of dead bodies. Cemeteries as far as the eye can see. 

My old apartment in Fitchburg had the creepiest goddamn basement. We dubbed it "the murder basement" and in the two years I lived there it was a house rule that, unless of dire emergency, no one went in the basement after dark. I am a spiritual sensitive/empath/I see and feel weird shit all the time. If you're pissed off, chances are I can feel it. If there's a ghost in the house, you can be damn sure I'll find out. 

I haven't been around Spencer too much yet, but I knew there had to be something here. There are three witchcraft stores in this town, which may not seem like a lot to some of my readers, but in a small town of only 10,000 people that is a LOT. I was curious, what's drawing the witches here? So I did some digging. 

Spencer is a very, very old town, and is all pretty damn haunted. Prouty Mansion sees a lot of activity, and even casual ghost hunters have caught EVPs ("electromagnetic voice phenomena" for those not in the know) in the Pine Groves Cemetery. But the cemetery that honestly gives me the heebie jeebies is a sort of modern one called Holy Rosary Cemetery. Its right off West Main St aka Rte 9 on my way to Big Y and Klem's. 

Everytime I see this damn hedge-sign (I dunno what else you call it) it just freaking bothers me. Which is funny to those who are me, because I've driven by Pine Grove plenty of times on my way in from the old Burg place, and its all quiet and peaceful. Holy Rosary is just noisy to the point where I have to truly work to shut out the chaos. I don't know what it is, but something about that sign gives a voice to the dead for me when one is really not needed. 

I'm hoping to give both Holy Rosary and Pine Grove a really thorough walk-through once it warms up enough that I can see the ground and not trip over anyone's last resting place. We've got over two-feet of snow burying much of Spencer, and alas, its only January, so there is plenty more to come. Mayhaps I will chat up the lovely shop owner of Some Enchanted Evening once she returns from holiday. Perhaps she can give me a few clues and set me on the right track here. 

Anyone else have any creepy stories they'd like to share?


  1. Fun facts about Spencer... it's all freaking haunted. Every place you go has a history. I went to DPI (David Prouty Intermediate) for a while and they closed it shortly after I left. When I was there there were many stories about people walking the halls in day light who wern't there, the furnace in the basement would scream- like human scream- at random and I can vouch for that one 'cause I heard it. Freaky place. AND across the street and up the road a few houses is a witch shop- the best place I have ever been too. She's very nice and they have book signings and tarot readings all the time, but coincidence? Me thinks not. The fair grounds are eery too if you ever get a chance to go up there without the Spencer fair hubbub.

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  3. Ooooh, I am checking out those fair grounds as soon as the snow melts!
    I think Some Enchanted Evening is the one by DPI (Spencer newbie here, bare with me), and I really loved chatting with the owner, she was nice enough to direct me to stores in town that were hiring and everything!
    I got the feeling it was just a big ghost hubub when I read about it online, but the town doesn't give me the freaky vibes like G-ville does, though perhaps it will when I explore it more. I'll keep you posted, perhaps we can go adventuring together sometime! :D

  4. Grew up there. Always had recuring dreams as a child of running and hiding and trains. (Shivers) as an adult found out my younger sibling had the same dreams. (Shiver again) :-)

  5. I hate to burst your bubble, folks, but there are currently no Prouty Mansions that stand in Spencer. There were two locations in town that were true Prouty Mansions. One was located on High Street and was identical to the Hammond house. That one burned down shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. The other was located on Cherry Street, and was torn down in the 60's. My grandfather and his siblings were the last generation of Prouty's to live there. The stables and servants' quarters building still stands and has been converted into condos. Despite popular speculation, Maria Prouty was not murdered there. A little fact checking can go a long way, but where's the fun in that, right?

  6. Jed, Sent you a private message. Kathy Caslin


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