Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poetry Thursdays

I have finally managed to get every last word of my magnet poetry on the fridge! This may seem like a small feat, but consider that I have two sets, and each is about 400 words. That's 800 teeny tiny magnets, and they don't like to stick in pairs >.<

If I try to capture them all at once, the focus on my smartphone camera turns it into one migraine-inducing blur, so here's s tiny snapshot of what is now the side of my fridge. 

I am a pretty damn decent writer. I've got a few minor publications under my belt, and am closing in on two years of work experience in technical and content writing. However, I am really not that good at poetry. Avoiding the class on the subject probably didn't help matters, but when you compare the usefulness of Poetry Writing to Writing for Business and Technology, the winner is quite obvious. 

So, I am employing the philosophy of practice makes perfect, and will be using my sea of magnet words to write a poem a week, to be posted here every Thursday. Here is what I came up with this morning. 

The only time I write decent poetry is when I have some serious emotional upheaval, but lately my only emotions are "Please give me a job", so I decided to try and compose poetry that focuses on the emotions of the characters in my books. This is an insight into Phenex, his backstory and his love/mostly hate relationship with the mother of his son Gromory, Lilith. I liked the bit about Bones because Phenex in my head is basically Rick Genest, aka Rico the Zombie Boy, who has a full body skeleton tattoo. 

*moment of pause to admire this beautiful creature*

So! You can grow to expect some hopefully less-awful-becoming-poetry every week from this little blog of mine.
I would love to hear some constructive criticism from you guys, or, if you would like to become a part of the madness, drop a word in the comments, and I will include it next Thursday's poem! 
Don't worry, if for some reason I don't have the word you've requested, I have blank tiles too, so fear not! All words are welcome!

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