Monday, November 18, 2013

No Breaks November

This month has been rushing by in a sea of words, workouts, and jewelry crafting. Lately I've been learning how to better take care of myself in the realms of weights and skin care (my skin is a combination maelstrom of oily, acne prone, and more sensitive than your feelings at 3am after a fuckton of wine). But today it is warm out! And despite my list of chores and tasks I am determined to get outside. So here's what I've been up to when not writing one thing or another.

Hiking/geo caching around Spencer State Forest
I really wanted to frolic through this field, but I couldn't tell if it was marsh or solid ground!
Lillith, our family doge, aka my darling cuddle buddy. 
Very much enjoying pastel hair dying. 
Work, work, work
New lovely things to hopefully be posted soon!
My new rigorous skin care routine. I'm terrible with routines, but this one is ACTUALLY WORKING so I stick to my 6 steps twice a day.
Displaying my Bathtub Handwriting to my darling Katneto <3
Okay Sigil ideas, enter brain aaand go!

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