Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sigil and Nano and the Messy November

The past year for me has been fairly chaotic, and the past month has been no exception, but in fact the most messy yet.

I didn't finish Nano. Sigil currently stands somewhere in the mid 35k. I've been doing a lot of writing on the new laptop, as well as penning out on the go, so I haven't pieced it together again to get the current grand total, but I know its somewhere in this area. However, I'm not ashamed of this fact, which is I'm here writing to you today after my long time away from this blog to tell you why.

I sincerely forgot when signing up for darling writing event just how messy November can be for. Aside from family holidays and friend's birthdays, this month marked the last days my brother spent living in Massachusetts. As I am writing this now, in my cozy apartment despite the cold cloudy weather outside, my closest friend in life is probably dragging his new bed through the small three-bedroom in the truly tiny town of Hastings, Florida. Many a day this month was spent in his company rather than that of my novel, forcing me to fall behind on both Sigil and my actual writing job alike. Power outtages from the last wind storm did not help the latter at all.

However, I don't really mind it in the least. Nano taught me just how much I can write in only a few hours time, about 5k in three hours or less, which I honestly never thought I could be capable of. Through Nano I learned how to truly fitting writing into my days as much as humanly possible, despite the madness of clubbing and arcades and just relaxing afternoons spent in the company of one of the greatest people I have ever met in life. I'm grateful he forgave me for stealing his Legos, and his crib, and his cd player that one time.

Sigil is far from over though. I hope still to have a first draft done before the new year, which means I have another busy month ahead of me. But like all crazy amounts of productivity, I embrace it happily, for I do not do well with lazyness, it is simply not how I work. I am happiest buried deep in words, shop items, and aching muscles from another hard work out.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season, and keeping warm and satisfied. My darling cat-childe and I will do the same.

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