Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mid-Week Words

Sorry for the lack of a weekend witchcraft post gang. I seem to have been caught in a flurry of new-found friends, work, and Nano and may have forgotten the world beyond those things for a little while. But alas, words have still been happening, as they always do, so here is what I've concocted up while I've been away...

from the Journal, entry dated Nov. 6th 2013-
It's time to keep moving.
In the next few months, I am contemplating the idea of adding more to my plate. Wing chun & tai chi with college classes.
I want to apply this winter to the University of Southern Connecticut and begin getting my MLS degree.
The days are growing shorter, and the cold winds feel like a command, the trees cracking together the march of approaching battle.
The schedule is my strategy, and learning to stick firmly to it my training in combat.

from the Sigil of Azazel, chapter 4-
There were only two theories that could explain this impatience, Eve thought. Either the Ward were so few in number that his recruits could be counted on one or two hands entirely, or they simply caught them early, brainwashed them since childhood to simply accept and trust their existence. Or both, which was a simply terrifying thought, because how then had they only found her until now? Eve went to prod him again, as if in doing so she could force her mind to make a distinct and reasonable choice between defining him as reality or fantasy, but Azazel caught it in his own before the pale digit could land on its intended target, the center of his chest, where one's heart should be.

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