Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Witchcraft; Autumn Adventures

Fall is one of the most important times in my personal practice to get outside. In Massachusetts, autumn gives way to winter all too quickly. With the harvest in full swing, I always hold autumn to be the most important time to get outside and see what the earth and her patrons have created this season.

This area is known by my family as the prison camp, an area where TB patients were treated back in the early 1900's. This morning we found what appear to be the foundations of the old hospital.

We came across what appears to be a small orchard, possibly planted to supply the hospital and the surrounding buildings of this place with healthy food. This little field of a few equidistant trees still produces apples, which as far as taste and sight can tell us are yellow delicious and red delicious.

I still have nearly a dozen of this little darlings in my kitchen, and I hope to put them to use as yummy all natural snacks and offerings for the last harvest holiday on Samhain.

The crisp and bright autumn air breathes life into my lungs and I truly hope everyone gets outside and experiences the Earth's wonders, great and small, before the winter winds sweep through these trees.


  1. oh my gosh! Those apples are the cutest things :3. Also wah I wish Florida had that kind of pretty and the feeling of Autumn :c

  2. If I could I would teleport you here for the few weeks it lasts. We keep getting effing blizzards on Halloween, so it seems like fall lasts for maybe a week or two at most.
    But Florida has your lovely face and your brilliant mind! <3


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