Thursday, September 26, 2013

Acid Eyes and Apple Pies

Two weeks seems to be the scheduled posting limit for me for now, as the past few days have been devoured by work and my eyes giving me serious trouble. Their 2 hours on a computer time has no dribbled down to about 90 minutes at best, at which point they begin to feel something like this is going to happen at any moment:

Delightful, right? 

So, at a literal loss for words (Sigil has been happening, I just don't have much typed up because EYES), here is what I've been up to while getting away from the migraine inducing LED screens. 

Listening: Um, tits. Everything. I mean really. The past 72 hours alone I've gone from a ridiculous Kesha station on Pandora to blues a capella and I'm currently blasting a playlist called Punk Is A Phase You Never Grow Out of, and its on a track by Gogol Bordello. In short- up beat things to ward off panic attacks because EYES. Blink-182, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Cake, Barenaked Ladies, Devil Doll, and Imelda May have all made appearances.

Nommages: Not the healthiest as of late, but I try to get my fruits n veggies in when I can. We made these amazing caramel and peanut butter stuffed apple pastries for Mabon on Sunday that were fun to make and delicious to eat. My home is full of apples and apple based things, like cider and delicious pie, and even apple pie ice cream. My food is fall, more or less. I put cider in my black tea yesterday and it was fucking perfection.

Writing: Mostly work, but some journaling about life and things. Sigil is on a scene that I love to write, where Eve is being interrogated by the lead Detective about her involvement in the murder of millionaire son Theodore Oscar, and the family wants her hanged for his death. Too bad you've got the wrong demon, Detective. I'm getting a bit bothered by fic lately, so I might end up crawling back to a few stories I had started. I don't know how other fuckers write, but I get story ideas literally because I get annoyed that a certain book or fic does not exist, and, well, my other rule is that I can't bitch about something without doing something about it.

Friendly Folks: A few old friends are coming back around again, one as he is literally back in the country after seeing his girlfriend in Germany. He missed us all so much he came over my apartment and cooked amazing and healthy dinner. Teach me your culinary ways, oh wise and powerful Brandon.

Actions: Most everything is words these days. I really want to get outside and hoop more before fall slips away from me, but I pulled my side in the middle of the night last night, so I'm thinking of sticking to yoga and very gentle pilates before hitting the park anytime soon. I made a whole ton of new earrings that I really need to list in the shop, which I'm hoping to do tonight with my time off. Oh! And I dyed my hair again. Olia's palest blonde has given me this interesting silver gray-gold sort of color, and I'm in love with it.

Inner-words: I'm still at this cross roads, and the longer I sit here the twitchier I get. But things are moving, progress is happening, and though I keep waiting for it to sway my decision one way or the other, it's really not. I am just as unable to decide as I was before. But we still have a few more months to debate, and I'm sure I'll come up with a list of Pros and Cons larger than my List of OTPs by then. Time and progress will tell.

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