Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Witchcraft; Hematite for Mindy, Body, and Soul

If there is a single stone I constantly recommend to others time and time again, its hematite. 
Hematite is a hefty iron oxide mineral, its weight making it a tricky one to mold into jewelry. I wouldn't recommend it for earrings, but I do highly recommend it for daily wear. And here's why.

Hematite is one of the most effective stone's for grounding, in every sense of the word. If your thoughts tend to wander away from you, you have trouble focusing, or simply need a push to keep yourself on task, this is the perfect stone to stay motivated and energized. 

I wear a small hematite ring on a daily basis, and as such I charge it at least once a week in this little cauldron on my altar, which currently holds a bit of Taurus potpourri, to keep it in tuned with my personal needs and charged to my energy, but you can charge and cleanse hematite in any way you see fit. 

Worn daily hematite can act to ground yourself in ways far more than the physical and mental. This stone can actually act as a guidance charm. Lately my life is at a cross-roads, which is not a place I like to be, but since I started remembering to wear my hematite ring 24/7 it works exactly as its entry in The Book of Stones tells of it: 
"Carrying or wearing a Hematite can assist one in bringing one's dreams and aspirations into reality and in learning the difference between a true vision and a fantasy."

You can find hematite rings for $2 at the most at your local occult stores, or you can also purchase your own specially crafted Guidance Amulet from my store at Eerie Enchantments.

the Guidance Amulet, currently for sale at Eerie Enchantments

Whether you're feeling a little lost, or feel that your dreams are out of reach, I personally recommend hematite in any form that isn't magnetic (simply because if it touches your electronics, kiss those babies goodbye), to reaffirm your goals and help you find the path towards the life you have always wanted. 

Further hematite reading:

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