Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Body Butter Blessings

In my efforts to practice self-love, I have, of course!, turned to witchcraft. As I often tend to do with everything I struggle with in life. It always seems to help too, in ways that surprise me.

At the start of every week I now do a full body-blessing. If it sounds complicated, don't worry, it is superbly simple. Just visualize all of the negativity washing down the drain during your daily shower, scrub away all of that metaphysical ick that has you down or causes self-doubts and anxieties, just take a deep breath and rinse it all away. You can even say a few words if you would like to, such as "Water of life, wash away all negativity, cleanse me from all darkness and strife."

Cocoa butter can tighten skin and heal stretch marks as it moisturizes. Infinitely awesome.

Once you're toweled off, drenched yourself in body butter from head to toe. I prefer cocoa butter myself, and take time to massage it into your skin as you ask whatever deities you worship for your body blessings. Traditionally this is done by going from chakra to chakra, but you can do it however you like. Ask for your gods to bless your feet so you don't stub your toes (I've broken mine twelve times, this is something I ask for often), or for your mind to think clearly towards solutions. Your body is just as individual and beautiful as your Craft.

Changes Coming To This Blog
  • Mondays will be for Musings. Expect personal diatribes and lengthy rants to start off your week.
  • Tunes will be moved in leiu of Turn It Up Tuesdays. I would like to start posting little playlists. If I can find the technology to work it, I will make it happen
  • Life changes! I now have two jobs, so once I start the second one postings on here will probably get farther and farther between. I'll try to make them worth your while.

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