Friday, January 18, 2013

A Busy Week In The Creep Cave

I apologize for getting so behind this week gang. I'm on a trial period for a new writing gig that has currently been devouring my time to the point that I don't have enough hours to sleep, let alone keep up with my blog posts. I received yesterdays tasks earlier than usual though, so I was able to finish them at the early hour of 7:30pm, instead of my usual midnight deadline. 

Tuscany bugging mama during a short break to stretch

I haven't gotten around to writing any poetry on the fridge just yet. I wanted to, but my cards were calling to me, so while the boyfriend passed out early (we are both horribly sleep deprived as of late) I did the following spread.

The spread I chose is called the sword, and it seemed fitting because I've been 'stalked' by the Ace of Swords in nearly every reading I've done in the past six months. A friend of mine did a reading for me last Saturday, and the card still came up. It failed to make an appearance here, but many of the cards in this spread are the same he pulled last week, and in similar positions of correspondence. 

The deck you see is a beautifully illustrated Shakespearean tarot set I received as a gift years ago. It is my favorite by far, and I could never imagine another set better than this. 

I'm hoping this trial period will be over soon, and that I can hopefully either get back into the swing of things, or adhere to a new schedule where everything happily fits in. 

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