Monday, November 5, 2012

A weekend in photos

This weekend was crazy busy. We had Unlaced's Halloween/Day of the Dead party on Friday, Saturday we walked our exhaustion and hangovers off to this beautiful cemetery, and then Sunday was lots of my doing homework. 

Me painting my face. I have to get super close to the mirror cause I'm so damn blind!

I was a water nymph! I was going to do a more fall/autumn nymph thing, but I have become far too attached to my blue hair xD

LadyUnlaced was a beautiful demon! Yes, that is a bone necklace. Fox bones. I wish I had gotten photos of her rat gnawing on them later, too perfect, but I was drunk at the time xD

For all my fellow TVD fans, I couldn't resist. 

I felt super cliche in my Doc Martens, black hoodie, and black skinny jeans, sipping a chai latte in a freaking cemetery. If I smoked then all I would have needed was a clove. And to be listening to the cure.

We were so high up! You can't tell what building it is, but I can see the Sentinel, the city newspaper I intern for, from here. 


  1. Such a good weekend <3 the party was so much fun

  2. Awesome-sauce :)'though, no picks of that fantastic Zorro, tsk tsk

    1. If you're friends with Joe Porter on the book of Faces, he was our drunk camera man that night, so I am certain he has at least one with your sexy costume in it. My camera actually died while taking these, and I don't carry my phone after I start drinking, as a general rule of expensive phone safety :3


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