Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Spirit Animal

Inspired by my darling LadyUnlaced's popular post about finding your spirit animal, I became emblazoned to write a post about my very own beloved spirit animal, the black spotted leopard.

Solitary, powerful, mysterious, wild, and absolutely free. Leopards in the wild are extremely opportunistic hunters, eating everything from big game to dung beetles if food becomes scarce.
Like Unlaced with her white tiger, I've always known this animal was mine. I remember seeing a picture of one in a Nat Geo book as a little girl and being in awe. I actually got the chance to see one in person at a local fair, and I was in awe as much as I was in shame. She was beautiful and deadly and should not have been in such a cage. I could see the "get me the fuck out of here" look in her eyes, and there was nothing more that I wanted to do than somehow get her back to the wild. 
My black panther spirit is named Aradia, a nod to the queen of the witches. She is strong and protective and puts my interests above all others. She is often cold and calculating, for she cares for no ones needs and happiness but my own, but I treasure her companionship always. 
Whose your spirit animal?

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