Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Listen to your heart (Can you hear me?)

Ho noes! First blog post? Oh jeeze, here we go again...

I am ElSea
Also known as Le Creep 
(hence the url)

And I am here because it is time for a one-blog. I have had many blogs, on many various subjects. Some for class and some just because, but in the end I've come to the conclusion that it really is best to have one blog to rule them all.

I am a writer, above all and anything else. Currently I am a professional content provider for various business on teh interwebs through a nice little advertising company. We write things for those who otherwise cannot. I will by Winter of 2012 hold a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Writing. Hurrah me!

I am also a wandering spirit, a lady, a witch, a lover, a crazy cat lady, and a resident of Massachusetts. Expect lots of posts about modern day witchcraft, creative writing, pictures of my cat, things that give me feelings, music, being healthy, hooping, DIY, and maybe even some alternative fashion posts?

Water is my element and the ocean is basically my second home. I got to go to the beach three times this summer, a new record, and one that makes me extremely happy indeed. I would love nothing more than to live by the shores, maybe one day in the not-so-distant future.

I try to stay positive, but I am not perfect. I try to get work done, but I often get distracted. On the flip-side, I try to make time for my loved ones, but I can be a workaholic much of the time too. In the end, I'm just a woman with a not-so-big dream, who tries her best to work her butt off to get there.

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