Sunday, March 16, 2014

My First Kiss Went A Little Like This

Who doesn't remember their first kiss? These little moments can reveal so much about a person, how you give yourself, how you take, how you draw them in and reveal your inner-most desires. 
Manda Marie sent me this wonderful video a few nights ago, where some brilliant creature thought to pair up twenty complete strangers to share their first kiss on video. The result is a heart-warming, affectionate, and truly inspiring glimpse into humanity.
This is my way of saying that I watched this video, studied it with a close eye, and ended up thinking of fictional characters, both my own and some that I can only admire and write fanfic of from afar, and I am so pleased with how they came out that I had to share them with you all.

Because first kisses are both important to myself, and the lives of my fictional characters. 

Stiles and Derek are really hesitant. There's a great deal of space that closes very slowly, and not at all smoothly. Its a lot of eyes and a few inches at a time. Stiles closes the gap first because seriously the fucking tension is going to kill him. But there's a pause where Stiles pulls away, because unlike the man he's in love with, he is not a werewolf and wants to make sure Derek is okay with this. Derek is a work in progress, Stiles is well aware of this, and he's willing to wait as long as Derek needs. He refuses to be the one to rush him. And Derek smiles because its so fucking beautiful how Stiles wants to be careful with Derek, and there's eye crinkles and the Derek just goes for it. 

Peter kisses Stiles while he is in the middle of a rant because of course Stiles wouldn't just kiss him, he doesn't want to die. He starts off telling him what he really thinks about him. It starts simply and kindly, telling the man that there is more humanity at his core than anyone else realizes, and Stiles sees it now and now that he has he can't unsee it, though believe him when he says he's tried. Also feelings and why does Stiles have them, he's tried to make them stop and convince himself its just a game but its only getting worse. So Peter kiss him. No tongue, not yet, just his lips kissing Stiles, who of course tries to keep up his tirade because he would. Peter nips him on his upper lip just hard enough to make him glare, and Peter, kiss bruised and pupils blown and no longer smirking because feelings are scary tells him simply. "Stiles, I truly admire your ability to question everything, but must you question this?"

Azazel kisses Eve really chastely, but no less addictively. His kiss is a breath, its over so quickly, so softly, but you know you need it for the rest of your life. Eve is so surprised and overwhelmed that she freezes, and Azazel pulls away thinking he has made a grave mistake, thinking that Eve is truly more sociopathic than he realized. Eve grabs him by the shirt collar and pulls him right back, determined to do it right the second time around, and its the first time Azazel really, really smiles. 

Lily first kisses Finn in an attempt to get out of a body lock, thinking this will surprise him enough to loosen his grip, just enough so she can slip out of his hold. The moment her lips crash into his own does surprise the bounty hunter, and the heat of it surprises Lily to the point where she forgets what they were even doing in the first place. Lily and Finn kiss like they fight, trading blows in perfect sync. 

Vincent and Kaira kiss like they're going to war, and Vincent is that stubborn, cocky asshole who refuses to be defeated. There's an untold amount of destruction in their war path. They destroy everything, before they create anew again. 

What was your character's first kiss like? 


  1. Nik & Mattie kiss and it's a relief -relief that they're alive and that Mattie is safe, that she's come back from the darkness of her magic and is herself again. Because Nik was terrified that he'd lost her and when she lets go of the magic and is herself again, small (but not weak) and beautiful and human and he has to let her know how much he cares about her.
    Ellie and Dorian are all fire and passion. Ellie's never been kissed before and Dorian possesses her. It's clashing of lips and teeth and trying to consume each other.

    (I love this post by the way, so so much)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I love these descriptions of your characters too. I cannot wait to see TND finished, and am reaaaally stoked to see The Night Coven in its full. Its gonna be so messy and I am fucking here for it.


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