Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid-week Words

I know, I know, its been forever and I'm a terrible, awful, no good very bad person. But! I come to you this afternoon with GOOD NEWS. Well, let me restate. Do you like YA urban fantasy and long for teenagers being ridiculous assholes? Well, GOOD NEWS FRIEND. I started writing my the first novel in the Dan Thompson series last night...

"Yo, Aaron!"
He jogs a bit, remembering that the Gonzalez driveway is heated and therefor ice-free. Aaron's reply is a groan that sounds like death. Dan grabs his friend's phone from where it lies on the snow a few feet away from his hunched form, miraculously unharmed again thanks to the wonders of Otterbox. Aaron himself is remarkably vomit free, wiping his mouth that probably tastes like cotton and fruit punch with the green sleeve of his high school soccer sweater. He's pale and his forehead is sweaty.

He's also leaning over the hood of a crimson Subaru Impreza STI, fitted with hood scoop and the biggest spoiler possible. The license plate of which reads G-LO93.

"You dropped your phone," Dan grins, holding it out in offering.

"I hate you."

"You'll feel less shitty tomorrow."

"I still hate you."

Even if he does, which he doesn't, Dan thinks its worth it. There are so few times in life when one can get their best friend to puke on their ex-girlfriends car. Opportunities so limited should never go to waste.

Aaron takes the phone, and Dan takes his arm when he stumbles over his drunken blur, throwing it over his back and hauling him down the driveway. Dan is stronger than his slim form looks, its a tactic he uses to his advantage at LARP every month.

"I wasn't kidding, you know," Dan says when he has Aaron successfully seated in the passenger seat of his mom's car. Despite the odor of vomit, he's still beaming as he reaches over to buckle Aaron safely in, moments before revving the engine as the sounds of furious Spanish echo across the lawn, peeling out of the driveway before taking it slow, if only for the sake of his mom's interior.

Aaron's response is a jumble of words and something that could be 'photo.'

"Oh yeah, in my mind!" he says proudly, though he's pretty miffed about not thinking to grab his phone. What an NPC worthy stupid move. But a moment of naked ass lost was a moment Dan could not afford to miss. "That ass will live on in memory forever."


"It was so perfect. It was both round and toned. And it moved-"



"Werewolves are not real," comes out of his friend's mouth after a few hilarious moments of lips stumbling over the first word.

"I hit a canine creature of the night and it turned into a naked person.

"You're...conclusion...jumping to."

"And you're drunk, Yoda."


  1. Sfbkszdbkjfkdgj
    I'm okay. I'm okay.
    Eeeeeeeeeee, I can't wait for more <3 x

    1. I'm so glad!
      This story is probably going to be the closest thing I'll ever come to comedy. Here be snarky, nerdy teenagers, teenage problems, and ya know monsters and stuff.

  2. That is rediculous. Cant wait for more of it.


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