Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid-Week Words

It's been a crazy past few weeks, and with nine days in a row of article writing I simply haven't had a moment to post, for after the end of a day of writing, the last thing I feel like doing is being on the computer for a moment longer. I was fortunate enough that my first day off today the weather was nice enough to get outside. I left the house at 1pm and didn't come in till the sun began to hang low and my fingers were too cold to grip the hoop properly. 

The words are slow these days, but they are trudging along! I actually have three different series getting active again all at once, so it's been messy, but here's a few snippets to satisfy your curiosity. 

from the Journal, entry dated Jan. 2. 2014-
Till this day, it pains me how little how I truly know about him, when he knows so much about me. Its how I've always been in relationships. I read off the warning label quickly and with brute force, because I have always viewed myself as some inhuman terror of metaphysical energy issues and insanity who would rather be working alone than in the company of most people.
Its time I stopped.
I don't need to show my worst cards at the first hand, or even the fifth. I am not a monster who needs to be quarantined away in a separate dating pool. I can take my time and be more careful. I can choose to ask questions for everyone I answer, if not more so.
I can choose to level the playing field.

from somewhere within The Little Red Notebook-
"Luke, I need you to listen, before we do this,"
"Dan, don't. We are not discussing that now."
"No, Luke, its important-"
"Dan, I already know! I-"
"to grab my gym bag out of the trunk?"
Luke blinks.
"Just do it!"
He does. Dan's coughing up blood and doesn't have time to explain that its necessary to back up whatever story he figures out when his brain has enough blood in it to think straight.
"How long do I have?"
"A few hours, maybe. One of your ribs-"
"But if you do it?"
"It would have to be now or never."
Luke nods, and Dan can't see well enough to make out any expression, if the guy has a discernible one at all.


  1. I am intrigued by that scene!
    Also, I agree, you are not, in fact a monster, because you are a strong and beautiful goddess <3

    1. Its, ah, actually Dan sort of dying from a hit and run. Obviously he doesn't die, and there's a joke in a few more lines about Luke not being a vampire so stop it, and there is NO CHEESY DESCRIPTION because Dan is a human boy and passes out the second it happens.



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