Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Witchcraft- Protection Spells for Divining the Shadows

Probably one of my favorite things about this time of year is curling up on cold and cloudy days, and watching what I can only call Bad Paranormal TV Shows. Some people watch Cops, I watch people who think that painting over the creepy symbols in their old basement will just make the problem go away. Because ignoring them works infinitely well, mother of Aradia. 

Don't be a dummy this Halloween. I know its a wonderfully magical time of the year, and it is, but there are reasons which we don masks and cover our front porches with scary pumpkin heads in the first place, and to that effect, I am here to give you as many ways to stay safe as I can possibly think of. These are spells which I have used personally for years, so rest assured, if you back them with your personal power and belief, they will work for you. Ouijia boards are great fun, really, they are, but just as you should never ever have unprotected sex, you should never bust out the plachette without at least a few of the following.

Herbs. Ivy, and not the poisonous kind. I mean big ol' English Ivy leaves. They're more common that you think (I used to pick some growing under a bridge at my university), and the dry up really easily in a basket. Ferns will work, also everlasting mint, horehound, and sage. Try burning sandalwood incense to assist your divination techniques. 

Salt. Yes, Supernatural is right on this one. Get the freaking salt. I don't divine on Ouijia openly without a circle around myself and the board, casting my circle with the chant "I cast the circle thrice about, to keep all evil spirits out, round and round the circles bound, evil sink into the ground." Remember to start in the North, moving clockwise. It helps if you smack your fist onto the ground and say "As above so below, the circle is sealed," (think of it less like a circle of salt around you, and more of a bubble of protective energy all around you).

Stones. I have a quartz grin that encircles my entire home, but if you wish to work on a smaller scale you can always make a quartz grid around you by simply placing a point on each of the cardinal directions, and a fifth piece in the center of your space (or let it ride the plachette for protection and a boost of power to your readings) Selenite is a great protection stone, as is snowflake obsidian for banishing and keeping harmful entities from you. Smoky quartz is a wonderful stone for divination, specifically for the discovery of hidden mysteries. You can also simply wear stone jewelry for this purpose. 

Liquids. Holy water can be used to bless your tools against negative influence, aid in your circle casting, as well as simply anointing your body (hands and the third eye chakra are a must). You can also use sage oil, by rubbing a small amount into your wrists and the center of your forehead, or just rubbing it into the candles you plan to use for the circle. 

Symbols. One of the first things I often find myself drawing or carving into a circle this year are runes. Algiz has always been one of my favorites for Ouijia and any other circle casting where communicating is the sole purpose, as it works to support even as it shields you from danger. Teiwaz is known as the Warrior's Rune, and brings strength and courage as well as protection. If you are looking to boost your psychic abilities on this night, try Dagaz for awareness, Ehwaz for transportation and the spiritual journey, or Laguz for trust of your intuition and unconscious mind. 

Words. I grew up in one creepy as heck house, so whenever I felt nervous, I fell back on this old protection prayer. I've used this with others when doing Ouijia in groups, and its never failed to keep everyone safe. 

God and Goddess of the skies
Please respond to my cries
Lift me up in your strong arms
Away from those who seek to harm
Shield me from the awful rage
That shall face me day to day
Help me be strong in what I do
And help my heart to remain true
So mote it be

There you have it! Plenty of easy and effective ways to safely divine the shadows this Samhain. Don't panic, and don't be those people from the tele who Think It Will Go Away If You Ignore The Creepy Thing, be smart and stay safe. Remember- you have the power of the universe at your finger tips, just waiting for you to master it.


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