Friday, October 25, 2013

Between Flesh And Bone

These are the words that always come to mind lately, an indescribable something lurking beneath the surface, but not deeply. It hums in the shallow recesses, waiting for the right moment to surge forward. I've not been so excited in a short time to see what comes of this animal. But while it slumbers waiting, other shifts begin to take shape.

Listening: My glorious new cell phone has this beautiful ability to use an entire song as an alarm every morning, so I start my days now at 9am every morning to the sounds of ZZ Ward's Charlie Aint Home. The morning is spent waking up to coffee, bloggers, and KT Tunstall. Then I shower, sit back down, usually put on This Is What Feminism Sounds Like or Janelle Monae on Spotify, and get to work. When I wind down at the works end, the playlist usually shifts to Devil On The Bayou, Do The Creep, or I simply put on the Black Keys Pandora station and cook and relax to the sounds of Steel Wheels and Led Zeppelin.

Nommages: I'm actually trying to eat more frequently through out the day, and my lazyness to cook has me eating more in the raw. I can often be spotted by roommate chewing on a carrot while I tidy the living room or power out another article. I'm trying to use up my raw goods before they turn on me, as is the battle with Big Y sales, and also trying to keep my hands warm with my stubborn mind set known as No Heat Till November. So lots of tea, and small healthy snacks through out the day. Less energy drinks, more scheduled work.

Writing: Lots of spiritual things and writing exercises, sometimes I pick up an old fanfic called We Must Be Killers (such a promising and hopeful title, I know), but little in the land of novels outside of planning. Right now I'm so focused on getting to a schedule that works that my mind is occupied by little else, sadly. I'm hoping to get back to the words once I knock out the deadline this afternoon. Next month I'm doing Nano with the first Sigil book, since the poor thing has been such a slow toil, so I'm sure in a few weeks you'll see me crying about word count soon enough. I'm trying to writing exercises to get as good at details as my amazing friend Shauna, who is truly a goddess of the detailed word.

Reading: I just finished the Maze Runner, which was amazing, so expect a book review on that coming up here soon. I'm currently attempting to read a Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Raven Boys, but they're not really peaking my interest. Honestly, the more I read other books, the more I want to just write my own, which I suppose is not a bad thing in the slightest.

Friendly Folks: Its been a bit hectic with everyone working and mucking about, but somehow we still find time for each other. My beautiful and talented friend of ten years Aly aka Blue now shares my home with me, making the spare room her own to start her new job at Price Chopper this month. I'm ecstatic for her and love the moments we share over words and arts and yelling at dumb people in paranormal shows. I'm due to begin a new table top game called 7th Sea that will have Tony and Brandon and his nephew Tyler over on a regular basis, and I'm looking forward to the company to keep me sane in the colder months ahead.

Actions: In just the few short weeks Aly has begun living here, I have become infinitely better at DDR. Lately I've been trying to completely re-organize my living, which means a fixed schedule for every damn thing, because thats the only way I can fit everything I want to do in a day. The list includes work, writing, hooping, working out, making jewelry for the shop, and a few sewing projects I have had aside for a dogs age. Also witchcraft in increasing amounts. And I want to get out and run before the snows hit. Its a lot, I know, I am a woman of many passions and that often makes things difficult, but I am confident I can find room for it all. Lately I sew patches while chatting to Aly about things to unwind, I dyed my hair a beautiful pale blue, and I have mastered my favorite songs on Light, rainbows and everything.

Inner-words: Power and control. Who wields it. The Shift and the Change. Don't be afraid of the unknown, for in this world so much is exactly that, yet that is nothing to be scared of. Will there be enough time, will there be enough water, and what are these dreams that surface when the energy that courses through is hot and wild? The waves surge and shift with something huge beneath them, and I've yet to discern what exactly is waiting for me. I'm not sure I'll need to though, I feel certain that before I know it, it will surge forward to greet me, one day very, very soon.

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