Monday, September 16, 2013

Willy Moon and the Rock n Blues Come Back

Has anyone else noticed the amazing wealth of classic, bluesy, southern-rock flavored musicians coming into the fold this year? I have been soaking it up with all of the joy and enthusiasm as one raised by her father's acoustic guitar and sung to bed with old blues songs every night ever could. And you cannot flail about over the 2013 Old School Rock n Blues Comeback without a nod to the distinctive sounds of Willy Moon.

Willy Moon is new to music scene, his debut album Here's Willy Moon was only released back in May, but the album is so tailored and clean and utterly confident in it's own unique sound that you would swear he's been doing this for a decade. His voice honestly baffles me, in the way that I can't believe Gin Wigmore is anything less than a southern belle after hearing Gravel and Wine,Willy Moon hails from New Zealand (as does Gin), but his voice reminds me of something old and timeless hailing from NYC, that distinctive New York crooning lilt that takes me back to black and white films. I've been struggling for the words to sum up his sound for weeks. My father says the rhythms and chords remind him of Reverend Horton Heat, but I think Willy Moon's bio sums it up perfectly.

 "It’s as if rock’n’roll had been deep-frozen in 1965, just before the Beatles discovered acid, and abruptly reanimated 45 years later by a laptop hip hop producer."

That's it. That's the sound.

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