Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Witchcraft; Animal Guides and How To Find Them

Kaijana, my fierce and powerful animal guide. 

Animal guides are different for all of us, and in my own experience they tend to shift and change with us throughout our lives. She was once a leopard, smaller in stature, and far more timid. Black with dark brown spots. Today she is a massive golden jaguar, her head is nearly the size of pillow. She doesn't tolerate much, and is fiercely territorial. Kaijana is my greatest asset and has pushed, prodded, and snarled at me to become the woman I am today, and one I am truly proud to be. 

To find your animal guide takes time. I don't recommend the trip for anyone who is faint of heart or short on patience. Again, I surmise that the journey to finding your guide is different for everyone. Mine began, as most of you already know, with a thorough cleansing of my home. You will need to meditate, and one session will rarely yield all of your answers.Doing so for some can feel like astral projecting, moving to a different plane of existence where the metaphysical is more physical than meta, allowing  you to see the unseen within and outside yourself. Focus on breathing, and if your brain is wandering, try to give it a singular thought, a word or even just staring into a candle flame, to put your mind in the proper state. I used an Ascended Guides candle, sandalwood incense, and a pentagram charm from Some Enchanted Evening to help discover the name of mine, and it truly worked to gain her trust once more.

Once found, name learned, and trust earned, be sure to speak to them often and keep them close. I wear a necklace with a pendant shaped like a fang filled with pyrite and a drop of mercury, reminding me of her fierce and powerful nature. Recently I purchased a small figurine of a powerful jaguar placed by my personal spell candle. I also found Rainforest incense by Gaia, which I burn in the living room and makes my home feel like exactly that. Kaijana sleeps in my bed at night, taking up most of the full size mattress, often headbutts me to get to work, and loves to prowl on a walk about town. So far she has helped me to make better choices, and to do so confidently and without fear. 

The power of your animal guide is only limited to that which you limit yourself. If you choose to have none, the possibilities which they hold for you can be as endless and vast as time itself. 

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