Monday, July 1, 2013

You'll Feel A Change In The Air

I was going to bed last night, at my usual hour of 3am, when I felt it. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, door open, all other lights aside from the bedroom off, and I kept getting that twitch on the back of my neck that says "Something is there". I kept looking down the hall, the darkness in the living room, and no matter how much I told myself, 'there isn't anything' the feeling would not leave me.

That's how I knew it was time to cleanse my apartment.

If you're feeling anxious, depressed for no reason, its probably more than just you. Negativity collects, like cobwebs in corners. And just like you have friends that leave a mess behind them, you also have friends who track their emotional mud in and can leave it behind for you to clean up.

If you've never cleansed your apartment before, you're going to need:
-a fireproof dish

Optional additives:
-holy water
- incense (this I do NOT consider optional, but you don't need it to get the job done)

To note, I have never heard of anyone using an athame, but that's what I did today for the first time, and I felt infinitely better.

Some say cleansing is a solemn affair, but for me, this simply isn't the case. When I smudge, walking from room to room, wafting the smoke onward with my Greek athame, I get angry. I demand the negativity get the hell out of my house and out of my life, and tell any negative entities that they are not welcome here, ever. I sweep the negativity of friends and ex-lovers and lovers alike out the door.

The next step for me is my holy water. I used to a spritzer bottle, but since it stopped working when I moved, I just dip my fingers into the blue glass bottle you see on my altar, and fling it about the house, letting its purity and warm and strength soak into the home and into me. I'll press my palm over the top, so it leaves a circle of holy water in my hand, then palm my front door and windows, and draw banishing pentagrams in the wetness. I take extra care to dab a little on each quartz of my grid (do NOT get any on your selenite. Selenite and water Are Not Friends) and simply soak it all in as my home feels lighter, happier, easier to breath again.

The last step is the lighting. When I remove darkness, I always want to bring in light. I light a candle in every room, and incense wherever I can. Not only do the scents help to take out the smell of pot which burning sage always brings, but it rekindles the warmth of the hearth fire and the spirit of my home, which is turbulent and wild, ever-changing as I do.

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