Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sea Foam In My Veins

I had an amazing time going out to RI with my brother last weekend. Though I thought it was a beautiful day, my brother thought it was a bit too cold for him. Even after I lent him my X-men hoodie. 

I waded into the water despite the temperature because I knew the moment I got there that it was simply what I had to do. I came out feeling yes numb, but cleansed.  I felt renewed with life and hope and confidence that I can make it through this. 

I only wish I could have stayed longer and walked every inch of the shore. The ocean is my second home, often times it feels like my true home. I love the smell in the air when we get close, and though I often times spend the whole of the day just swimming and walking and lounging in the sand, I am always reluctant to leave it. 

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