Thursday, April 25, 2013


The past week and a half has flown by in a blur. I've been busy as all get out, and at the same time, not very busy at all. Its been good, calm and reflective, but with plenty of work to keep me moving, and company and good times to remind me of what I work so hard for. But of course, another weekish without even going near this blog has me wondering, and perhaps my fellows curious as to what the heck have I been up to lately?

Nommages: Oh, delicious things! The shaking of the money tree has blessed me as of late, and so I've been spoiling myself a bit with yummy things. Clam strips and strawberries went on sale at Big Y, so most of my meals or snacks have been consisting of those, with plenty of salads, and cheese nachos. Tonight was fabulous in that I finally got to check out the Black and White restaurant, and it did not disappoint. If you get the chance, do it. I ordered the grilled salmon with lemon and thyme and died happy, though I hope to go back soon for their Mexican style pizza. Oh, oh yes. 

Listening: I have a playlist titled Songs For Those Who Kill Things that I tend to listen to a lot, all kick-ass tracks for when you get in a fight, spar, or I suppose for workouts. I do pilates so its more painful stretches than a cardio video screaming at me to move faster, but I suppose if thats you this playlist would be perfect. Its what I imagine badasses like Lily Purga and Finn listen too. 

Writing: A lot of notes and things for the fanfic I'm working on, which I am having an utter blast writing! Its great to try something new and get into a different character's head space. I've been doing lots of outlining for Sigil, and I pick at it a few paragraphs at time. I also write a lot of articles about dentistry and opticians. You'd think I would be bored with the repetition, but honestly, it just means I'm able to pump them up faster.

Friendly Folks: Lately I see a lot of my brother, which is awesome, because he is really the greatest guy I know. I love that he gets my Teen Wolf references, and makes his own for good measure. He took me to the bank to get my new accounts set up, and we went clubbing the night before with Andrea to a new place in Easthampton, which I'm still confused on the fact that this town exists. (Its like if someone said Eastboro, I blinked and said "You're full of shit.") I'm still sort of hibernating, but its nice. I chat with my online pals, like Vee and Katneto and Pips, and they're wonderful creatures.

Actions: I'm trying to get back into my pilates routine, and if it will stop raining for a day, begin a jogging and work into running routine too. I bought the resistance bands at the store today, and they have been a huge help in working my back muscles and my legs. I've made some more jewelry for the shop, crawled out of my cave for drinks with Rob and Andrea, and sometimes can be lured away to hike with Rob and the dogs for a little while. Lately I'm sort of a home body, but home is going through a lot of changes at the moment, so its to be expected.

Inner-words: Big Responsibilities are coming my way, and today I wanted to turn and run. Call Rob and drive somewhere far and forget for another day, but I didn't. I got up, wrote some articles, went to dinner, and shopped for the things I will need when my ex moves out at the end of the month. Its a huge change and it will be first time I have actual bills put in my name. But I have help now and I'm confident I can manage it all and still come out smiling.

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