Friday, April 12, 2013

Foody Fridays

So this could very well become a thing, these Foody Fridays. It wasn't something I had ever thought of previously. I really LOVE food, and I'm a pretty decent cook, but it didn't dawn on me until recent talks with friends and family that my simple dishes which I assumed to be common knowledge, were, well, not.

There were many more greens but I devoured them before I thought BLOG POST

Tonight I came home starving from an accounting appointment with my future roomy to make sure everything with The Family Issue had been properly taken care of. It was close enough to dinner that lunch seemed like a silly idea, so I made this quick meal in 20 minutes. Because when I'm starving that's about as much patience as I have before I just start devouring anything in sight.

Things I Used:
-russet potatoes
-brussels sprouts
-cooking brush
-turkey kielbasa
-olive oile
-garlic salt
-baking sheet
-wooden spoon/spatula

Preheat that oven to 450, and prep a baking sheet with some olive oil, spreading it nice and evenly to coat the pan and keep things from sticking. Go ahead and grab cooking spray if you have it, I don't! I use a rubber brush to spread my olive oil, so if you have a brush of that sort, go for it!

Chop your potatoes as thick as you like em. I try to keep them under A Two Dollar Quarter Stack in height. The measurements of a lady who uses a coin-op often. Put them on the pan as you cut, and stop whenever you have enough. I used three small ones and filled my smallest baking sheet. Paint with more olive oil and your brush. Spice well with garlic salt and pepper, put in oven, and set timer for ten minutes.

Put about a teaspoon of olive oil in a medium-sized skillet. Quarter your brussel sprouts, though you can halve them if they're small. Then chop your kielbasa (I only use a quarter of the thing you buy at the store), no more than a half inch. When your timer goes off for those potatoes, I add another 10 minutes, and turn on my burner of choice to 5, swishing the oil around when it heats up to play nice. Toss in those brussel sprouts, douse in garlic salt, then add the kielbasa.

Stir those babies up till they're nice and cooked through. I prefer my brussels sprouts browned, and lo and behold, they finish at the same time the timer goes off again! Remove food from their cooking pans, devour, die happy.

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