Friday, March 1, 2013

Dream On

Today was warm enough that I got to go hoop in the park after I did my weekly walk-about for work!

I listened to this song on my way to my first job application/casual interview today and it became stuck in my head all day. Its a beautiful track and has an amazing rhythm to move to. 

The town mostly uses the park as a "snow farm", which is really just a place where they dump all of the snowbanks and the like so it can melt elsewhere instead of flooding the streets of Spencer. 

It was warm enough that my hooping attire was light weight and comfy! Black leggings with velvet shorts and  a plain black long-sleeve shirt with my knee-high Dr. Martens. Strange as it may sound these boots are super light weight and I can move very gracefully in them. 

I have 3.5 hoops at the moment. The largest is my first hoop, a collapsible heavy-weight I use for basic practice and core-strength exercises. The second one in is an amazing light up hoop my fabulous friend Mikey gave to me. It works with a rechargeable battery, so I never have to buy batteries for it! 
The middle two are a pair of polypro minis that are incredibly light-weight, and essentially poi hoops. They can also be interconnected to make one very big hoop! In addition to that loveliness, they are hollow, so the clear plastic one can be filled with glow sticks for night-time fun!

Really excited for more days like today where I can dance and move outside to my hearts content. 

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