Friday, February 1, 2013

Recent Reads: Ever After and Hit List

One of the things I do love about working freelance lately is having plenty of time to do as I please when Im not on assignment. Just last weekend I wrapped up reading my beloved copy of Ever After, Kim Harrison's latest work, and the latest Laurell K. Hamilton novel of her Anita Blake series, Hit List.

Hit List I began first, as I was waiting eagerly for my preordered copy of Ever After to hit the stands. That I pre-ordered the Hollows book, and checked out Hit List from my local library should tell you something.

Hit List was alright. I love the interplay and the atmosphere Edward and Anita create together. I don't think the book would have been half as good without it. I like that we FINALLY brought up the big baddie of this series, but, honestly, I thought the end was a bit of a let down. Sometimes I think the plot for her series lately could be a lot more well-written than it is. There are things that could be done to crank up the suspense, and a few things I truly wish would happen, and a few others I think it could have done without. Its not a large book, and I feel like a lot of it is just people standing around talking about a whole lot of nothing.

And then there also moments when the magics and the metaphysics just don't ring clear to me anymore. That's something I understand very well is different for everyone, but for me it just There were scenes I would get through and just go "What was the point of that? What did that do for the story?" Also I have read almost 20 books about Anita trying to be one of the guys, and that's fine, but when it comes up every fucking chapter its a bit fucking repetitive. And I don't think Anita needs to be a guy to be strong, she's a fucking succubus, use it.

I won't say too much more without it being spoilery, but I don't think I'll be rushing in line to Kiss the Dead. I will calmly wait and see when it hits the shelf of the Richard Sugden Library.

I've been looking forward to Ever After for months, and the lovely Kim Harrison did not disappoint. The plot is racing, there is not a moment that appears slow or unnecessary on the page. She just has a very terse writing style, the less is more, and its something I truly love. I always worry when I trying something like Kim's quick and dirty chapter intros from one place to the next, but then I read another Hollows book and see it isn't awkward, its just good pacing. 

There's a lot of juicy details and more world development to be had here. Characters come back that we weren't expecting, and tragedy had tears in my eyes. Change is huge in the Hollows series, and I do mean HUGE. I cannot even speak a word of this series to others because just the tagline would ruin the plot for so many of my friends! I think what also makes this series great is the same thing that has all of her loyal readers in tears - it has an end. Two more books are all that is left of this series, but it makes the plot push harder, I think. It gives it a solid foundation. Kim's writing never meanders, never wanders. It pushes and burns and destroys. Like a certain demon in a velvet green frock coat. 

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