Saturday, February 2, 2013

Character Profile: Eve Spellmeyer

Name: Eve Spellmeyer
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: half-demon
Location: Chicago, IL
Occupation: University student/freelance web designer

Eve is a brilliant young woman, asexual, and considered by most to be a full blown sociopath. Tall, lithe, and imposing, she is a double major at IADT in Graphic Design and Web Design. Raised by a mother and step-father, Eve was never shown affection as a child from either of them. Her step-father was a priest, and upon seeing Eve's albino red eyes at birth, labeled her a demon. Mother Bethany is weak and followed her husbands abusive example, which probably lead to the sociopathic tendencies she exhibits today. The only thing Eve knows about her father is that her albino traits, her skin and eyes, are from his genes. Through her mentor Azazel, she learns that he is a demon, and thus she herself is not as human as she appears. 

This young woman's heritage puts her in line to be newest member of the Ward, a group of other half-demons who work to keep demons and dark souls in the prisons they belong in. Eve wants nothing to do with it. However, her opinions mean little when not only her safety, but that of the entire world are at stake when the great demon Abadon escapes. It will take every ounce of wit and cunning Eve possesses, and a great deal of magic, to take him down. Far more so than she currently wields. But Eve Spellmeyer's blood is so much more than she knows, and the identity of her father suddenly goes from worthless pursuit to the most important answer in her life, for it may be the only thing standing between life as she knows it, and utter desolation. 

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