Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I asked for a car, I got a computer

My darling brother, being the amazing guy that he is, got me a computer for graduation! He's something of a techy, and knows I'm on limited space with my printer already devouring about two-thirds of my desk as it is. So! He solved all of these problems by getting me this amazing new Samsung All in One I call the Sorceress. Why? Because this beauty is not just a tower in its guys, its also a flipping touchscreen monitor. It's like computer-based witchcraft at my fingertips. 

She's a beauty too! That metal base you see is 100% heavy as hell metal, with a rubber bottom so it doesn't slide around. Its a comfort to know she won't move or topple over during my adventures with her. 

Lately, she just does a lot of this. The 23" screen that I'm sure most folks go "er meh gerd vidjama gaimes!" I just use to work at the latest gig. Lots of content writing. Lots of word doc on the left and info on the write. Turn out creative pieces until zombification ensues. Keyworrrrrrrrrds.

The Sorceress also has Windows 8, which is taking some getting used to. But if I pin most everything I need to the task bar on my desktop (which for me is currently just Word, Notepad, Zune, Stickynotes), it works just fine. Until you have to go find this:

That's what all programs looks like. And the only way I know to get there is you either swipe or hover your cursor over the right edge of the screen and click Search and then hit escape to make Search go away, and you get that. But I just pin what I need and avoid it all costs, like most of the Vista bugs, if you wanna get around it, I've found a few ways xD

The only current problem is this little shit.

Its cute, cause, wireless! Evil because my job is to TYPE and this little shit, (named because thats what I yell when it makes my typo ten times in a row), has tiny chicklet keys and is even smaller than my previous laptop keyboard. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I've been doing type tests nightly and my last came back at 74 words per minute. I'm hoping I'll either get used to it, or I'll get a new keyboard *makes puppy dog eyes at brother*

All in all - it makes my work for the most part easier. I just need to adjust to new tech because I loathe most of it. However, there is one thing about the Sorceress that I'm looking forward to trying out most of all. It makes me giddy and cackle like a madwoman. 

Photoshop. On. A. Touchscreen. 

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