Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bringing In Spring

Its hard to believe that February is almost over. Well, perhaps not that hard, it is one the shortest months in our calendar. Meanwhile, we are growing closer to Ostara everyday, though it can be hard to believe as we in New England are getting week after week of snow and ice.

I've begun collecting indoor houseplants with my paltry funds to suffuse the gloom. Though ivy is a bit picky for a house plant in comparison to unkillable varieties such as snake plants and spider plants, they are amazing for protecting the home. If you have space in your bathroom, I highly recommend an orchid. Their cut blooms last for weeks without deteriorating  and if you don't mind them in the bathroom, they will love soaking up the steam from your hot showers. 

Trying using the quiet time to practice divination, or simply meditate. And just because its cold outside doesn't mean you can't bundle up and go for a walk. See what signs of life you can find, there's always something scurrying about if you look hard enough. When you're having a really "do-nothing-day", try carrying citrine, orange calcite, or goldstone to cheer you up and brighten your day. I've been doing lots of tarot readings, and wearing my quartz pendant daily to give me that extra boost of energy to get through the day. 

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