Sunday, January 27, 2013

Actual Thoughts of College Graduates

"These winter commencement exercises"
"Guys, they're gonna make us do laps. We will have to run four laps around the track in under 10 minutes to receive our degree"
"Has anyone told you you may have to carry something?"
"No. I was told to leave my wine in the car."

These are just a few of the things we laughed about during the 117th Winter Commencement this past Friday, January 25th. I had originally gone just to appease my family, namely my grandparents who had helped finance me a bit, my brother who will be leaving for Arizona soon, my best friend Adam Britt, without whom I would not have graduated at all, and my truly amazing father who has supported my madness every step of the way. Most of the evening was Monty Python jokes, chatting about silly robes and who had the best colors, the awesome expressions the signers make (Seriously, they look like they have so much fun doing it, I wonder what their salary is), and praying the sorority chicks would stop screeching every time one of the Tri Sig girls walked.

The music was ridiculously medieval sounding, to the point where I wished I had had a moment to chat with Dr. Tracy about it. Combined with the very "castle-looking" font on our banner, we joked that we were the alumni of the round table. I was just glad at least one other of the four BA grads showed up so I didn't have to carry said banner, because I was just rolling with the frivolity and probably would have just marched with it and made a ridiculous spectacle, because why not? You look ridiculous no matter what you do anyway, in our church-lady robes, silly hats, and even stranger hoods. I don't know if parents and professors expect us to take this moment in quiet reflection and serious "oh my god this is my life beginning" thought. For myself, this was not the case. Instead, graduation was a lovely reminder on how we should all look to the days to come - don't take it to seriously. You never get out of life. 

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