Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mid-week Words

the Sigil of Azazel, Ch. 29-
"David said goodbye to his fiance that morning. There were no details to warn us with, only that his life thread was to meet a very sudden end. He did not regret it. David was proud to serve."

Eve's fists balled inside her pockets, and she wondered how much he would hate her if she banished him beneath one of the arctic ice packs.

"Because you lied to him and told him he was serving God," she snarled, unable to put a bridle to her anger any longer. "You made him believe he was going to some nice shiny place, and that one day he would meet his fiance' again. But there is no God, and there is no Heaven, and he will never see her again."

"Souls have to go somewhere," Azazel said calmly, turning to look at her as if she wasn't ready to beat him senseless. "Energy created cannot simply be destroyed. Even with the particle dispersion, it is sepertated into molecules beyond the human eye can see, but they are still there, if only permanently divided."

"Well maybe that's what happens to a human soul," she hissed, pulling her hoodie off as the room was suddenly too warm. She nearly flashed him as cotton dragged cotton, but Eve had as little regard for her bodies affects on others as she did for the idea of human attraction itself. She threw the offending sweater across the room to her desk chair as she spoke again, "Permanently divided unless properly extracted and tortured to power the world of a group of outcasts who shouldn't have survived at all."

Eve threw herself onto one side, letting her body fold in to the usual tiny ball in which she slept in for warmth, and pulled the covers up to her ears. Even though she couldn't see him, she knew his eyes were the blazing green of fury.

"I do as am I told-"

"No, you don't. You do as you please to. Don't tell me Lucifer tells you how to train your little pets, he cares about as much for us as the angels who cast you into the radioactive pits do. Now get out."


"I said get out. Don't make me say it again. And leave the fire."

He vanished without another word. Only the thin scent of sulfur hanging in the air was left of him.



    1. I'm so glad! It wasn't even in the original script, it just happened and I said "yeah fuck it, we can't have nice things anyway."
      Its gonna be great when Eve wakes up in the morning. xD


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