Monday, June 23, 2014

Tunes To Write To

Sometimes I make playlists that are hundreds of songs long to write my novels. Sometimes I even condense them down to a best of for a character or two and publish them on 8tracks, really just for the purpose of making giant 8tracks collections, also to write to.

Here's the most recent one I cranked out for Eve Spellmeyer.

Described as "a mix for those characters who are brilliant, inventive, and know that bravery to be a synonym for foolishness and dying too young."

  1. She does not brave the war, My Brightest Diamond
  2. Supervixen, Garbage
  3. Bravado, Lorde
  4. Staying up, The Neighbourhood
  5. Curbstop, Meg Myers
  6. The Never-ending why, Placebo
  7. Who are you, really?, Mikky Ekko
  8. Kings and queens, 30 Seconds to Mars
  9. Everybody's watching me (uh oh), the Neighbourhood
  10. Devil do, Holly Golightly & the Brokeoff
  11. I'm not done, Fever Ray
  12. Vow, Garbage
  13. Woman King, Iron & Wine

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