Saturday, April 5, 2014

13 Years A Witch

I have been creating and destroying in equal measure.

Being on the mountaintop for a week has allowed me to see how much I've let the clutter and chaos build-up in my own home, and the effects it has had on the energy within it. Its easy to do when you have very little else to compare it to. I've put myself back on my work-out schedule, begun Camp Nano to finish up Sigil Book 1 for the end of the month, and when I feel I can create no more, I purge my wardrobe and tear things from my walls.

My beautiful new print from a Society6 sale. Yes, its a Peter Hale quote. 

It's been a trip through my years past and an exercise in energy working that has made me realize while I will be turning 24 next month, I have also been practicing witchcraft for 13 years this spring. And while that fills me with great joy and pride, it also reminds of me of the bad along with the good. 

I've been told this is only a phase. I've been told I was going to hell. I've had people try to 'save my soul', and others tell me that religion is a waste of time and I shouldn't bother with it at all, as well as a great number of people telling me I'm insane, or a monster, or both. 

However, I continue to practice. And I don't see myself stopping any time soon.

The same nudge that pushed me to seek out others like myself, even at a young age in an area of this country where practicing anything outside of standard Christianity was a truly dangerous notion, still guides and pulls me along today. I simply know too much not to. I know things I'm fairly certain I should not, see things most people should not, and have the ability to make things happen that I'm fairly certain are out of the realm of most other religions I've become educated in. This has filled me with confidence, strength and responsibility at times when I would much rather run and hide, it has taught me to stand-up and do what I must for the life I deserve to lead.

Practicing witchcraft is not about gaining knowledge from the great beyond, but about revealing the knowledge you already have within. I've been knowing things since a very early age, and I continue to know them. Here I am over a decade later, and I continue on knowing who I am, what I can, and where my road can lead me. 

The possibilities are as endless as the ocean and as exciting as the shadows and mysteries beneath them. 


  1. *Uther voice* SORCERY
    (I couldn't help myself, sorry, haha)
    Decluttering is good, I'm glad you're doing it. It helps energy flow so so much.
    And people who try to tell you your beliefs are wrong or a waste or monstrous are in fact the one who fall into all those categories.
    Love you <3 xo

    1. /snort I would be surprised if you hadn't made that reference honestly.
      Thanks beautiful, I'm hoping it'll help things feel a little lighter and brighter around here, less messy and stressed.
      Love you too <3


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