Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Witchcraft, the Work Altar

Its no secret that I love my job. I adore working from home and all of the little joys that come with it, like wearing whatever the heck I want (and that gets really weird went left to my own devices, let me tell ya), to putting magick into my work space. Here's what I've got going on at the desk, where the desktop known as Sorceress and my work place resides 90% of the time:

I recently purchased the Motivation candle of the Reiki energy charged candle line from Some Enchanted Evening. Its a nice heady scent of frankincense and myrrh with a cute charging affirmation card, and has really helped to keep my head in the game and remember what matters most. Next we have a green oak leaf I crafted from clay and carved an old symbol for earth into. This used to go on my altar, but now it resides here. On it rests clockwise from the top, a somewhat rare crystal form of malachite, a tumbled hematite, a beautiful sparkling citrine, and a piece of fluorite.

Once the charms come off they go on my body and around the keyboard. Malachite is great for success and grounding, hematite is wonderful for focus and guidance, citrine for inspiration, and fluorite for knowledge retention.

A moss agate worry stone to calm anxiety when deadline's grow closer, a tiny pocket pentacle that I basically use to remind myself of Kaijana's presence, and a compass charm to keep me moving in the right direction, and away from facebook and the glorious Tumblr.

I also wear a beautiful fluorite ring in its rare blue form to organize my chaotic thoughts, which tend to jump about like my cat at 3am if left to their own devices.

What do you do to stay focused at work or in the classroom?

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