Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Betwixt The Worlds

Ley lines, often called simply "centers of mystical convergence" (which I think it just all too vague) are places, spaces, or points in the world where energy seems to pool or be at some sort of peak. 

I personally prefer to think of them as a sort of metaphysical window, where the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and as such you can access great stores of power and energy, as well as other worlds, and perhaps even, previous lives. 

Many people draw ley line maps. These maps are almost impossible to find in any size large enough to read online (come on guys, can we get with the 21st century here?), and none of them seem to really match up. 

I've seen maps put ley lines running through Boston, and others which say there is none what so ever. I've also heard of using a sort of dowsing rod. This makes researching ley lines confusing as all get out. Books on the subject are even more difficult to find, and for some reason are astronomically expensive. 

My humble opinion is that, just as the plates of the Earth's crust move, so too can ley lines shift and move as well. Maybe. Perhaps some are fixed and move as the plates do. 

I also believe that ley lines can sometimes be responsible for places of great power or energy, and as such could fuel hauntings and the like. And that as a space that exists inbetween this world and the many others, that perhaps the best time to access it would be when times are at there own inbetween, such as sunrise or sunset. 

What do you think?

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