Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lately aka I Swear I'm Not Dead!

Life has sort of reared up and devoured me as of late. I tend to just work/see folks/collapse/repeat.
So what the heck have I actually been doing as I haven't written much here?
Well, to put it simply, I've been gutting and re-hashing much of everything in my life. 

Nommages: lots of good ol' fashioned poor people food. Most mornings I wake up and eat fruit from a can (this had me singing Peaches to Jeff over Skype a few mornings ago). I've been trying to eat bigger lunches and smaller dinners to help with my work out routine, so usually some form of protein and potatoes for lunch, and then lots of veggies and light meal for dinner. I somehow found Twinnings on sale ages ago, so I drink a LOT of Lady Grey.

Listening: It all depends on what I have to do. Joss Stone Pandora Station has really gotten me into Nora Jones, Sara Bareilles, and Melody Gardot. Melody just floors me with her old jazz-lounge-singer style. Your Heart Is As Black As Night has me crooning along everytime. And that's just what I wake up to! /laughs Music is my motivator lately. Depeche Mode is good on my darker days, and Manson has been helping me write this trial piece. Jason Mraz is also a theme lately. 

Writing: Mostly cover letters as of late. Lots of journal entries, which reminds me that I still need to do one of those today! I've made the very big decision to re-write Sigil in the third person. I feel its going to do the story a lot more justice, but it also means going all the way back to the beginning and starting all over. I'm even thinking of making Azazel the opening page, instead of Eve. 

Friendly Folks: Lately I see a lot of Andrea and my parents. I've gotten to reconnect with a lot of old friends since the big move, and have even managed to make some new ones, which I am really happy about.  I love going to see Andrea at work and chatting up with Maria, she's such a lovely lady. Dad's doing well, and Mom is planning a vacation for the two of us. 

Inner-words: I truly admire my family in the way they push themselves. That picture up there is my Grams with my brother in the home they built for themselves to retire in. She and my grandfather owned their own business and struggled and worked to get where they are today. They inspire me and remind me that I too am capable of great things. Life is short, is the way I see it. Time is never returned, and so I push myself to make the most of every single day I have. 

Actions: I work out everyday, two separate routines so I don't hurt myself. Witchcraft. Applying for every job from writing gigs to gas stations to a few really nice bank jobs. If its hiring, I'm applying. Lots of phone calls from the family and the brosef. I sing around the house, especially in the morning with Tuscany on my shoulder. Essentially, I look for work, write, workout, see folks, repeat. 

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