Monday, November 26, 2012

Musical Monday presents Montreal by Charo Sofia

I've decided to make a probably vain attempt to once again get myself on a posting schedule. And seeing as I don't actually have anything due tomorrow (shocking! I know!) I figured I would go completely bonkers and post twice in a day to start the first of the new series of Music Monday posts.

In which you learn that ElSea has a Music Minor and thus really fucking loves music. Listening to it, making it, breaking it down and even analyzing it. If I could sing or songwrite successfully, I fucking would, but finding a band that you can work with is hard, and expensive. And so I stick to writing, but music is a passion of mine that never goes away, it just burns silently until I sing around the apartment at the top of my lungs.

To kick us off is one of my favorite cds, the title track of which describes my life and my views of a few important people in it, to a goddamn tee. I got Montreal by Charo Sofia in my head about an hour ago, and upon pressing play was appalled that I hadn't listened to this sooner. I used to sing this song at the top of my lungs in the factory during my hour of silence when I was the last one there.

The lyrics to this track are stunning. They're not exactly melancholy, more realistic, and just simply stunning. Many lines of this are truly uplifting and inspiring. She truly has a gift with words that floors me every time I listen. The opening, for example:

"Tragic, how
You love with your mind
And hate with your heart
Its selfish to be lonely all the time
Desperate, how
You look in my eyes
And then turn away
Its selfish to be lonely all along
Play the role of nonchalant
Forgetting the lines as you go
Reducing all your dialogue
To the only phrase that you've come to know"

That verse just guts me every time, now more than ever, for the meaning it has to my life at this current moment it just floors me. There isn't a real chorus in a lyrical sense, so much as a few lines that come up again from time to time, and a repeating chord progression that moves the tune along beautifully. You can buy the whole six track EP here for just a few dollars. As a firm believer in fostering new talent, I highly suggest you do so. Every track is simply stellar.


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